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1200 Series Reach-In NT and LT Doors

Reach-In Normal Temp and Low Temp Coolers and Freezers Doors

1200 Series Product Sheet

1200E SeriesReach-In Doors

Reach-In Normal Temp and Low Temp Coolers and Freezers Doors

1200E Series Product Sheet

1300 Series Walk-In Entry Doors

Built to match reach-in door lineups, these durable and attractive walk-in entry doors allow easy access to your walk-in cooler.

1300 Series Product Sheet

1300CP Series Beer Cave Doors

Robust Reliability, Center Pull Beer Cave, Self-Closing Door.

1300CP Series Product Sheet

1400 Series Viewing Windows

Performance design offers complete glass protection for your viewing windows.

1400 Series Product Sheet

1200SM Series Surface Mount Doors

Our Surface Mount Doors are the most energy efficient in the industry providing optimum product visibility. These aluminum doors can be constructed as needed for both medium and low temp applications of refrigerated display areas. Available with a variety of top, bottom and side hinge hardware.

1200SM Series Product Sheet

Nualight Orion Vertical LED Lighting

Designed to deliver. On time. Easily integrated. Industry leading solution.
Introducing Orion from Nualight. A range of highly efficient, performance driven and cost effective LED refrigeration Lighting products for refrigerated display cases.

Nualight Orion LED Vertical Lighting (5000K) Product Sheet

Nualight Orion LED Vertical Lighting (6500K) Product Sheet

160 Series Non-PFC LED Lighting

Non Power Corrected Quick Connect LED Lighting for Glass Display Doors. 5 year warranty, variety of color temperatures. Meets UL sanitation, UL 1598 and class A FCC Title 47, Sub part B, section 15 requirements. 120 Volts.

160 Series LED Lighting Product Sheet



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